I am so excited for you

I am so excited for you and what you are doing! Thank YOU for taking the initiative to care for and bring attention to ways to love our loved ones when they become more needy than we're used to. It helps to have direction on WHAT to do when we don't know what to do. This is a wonderful and needed ministry. I will be in touch when I get settled in at my new location, where there are 3 homes for elderly and a nursing home within a couple blocks from each other...to see what I can offer. Thanks again for what you are doing!

-- Char Nutter Smith

Char Nutter Smith

The performance yesterday was amazing!

The performance yesterday was amazing! The residents loved the flowers
and the music was beautiful! Some of the songs were bringing tears to
the residents and staff. You have a very special group and we would love
to have you back any time. Again, thank you so much. You made their

Mary Wheat, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Crofton Care & Rehab Center

What you do is meaningful and impactful!

Dave loved visiting the nursing home and is taking it to a health club in Birmingham, Alabama and encouraging people to visit nursing homes in their area since everyone needs a friend! He posted the photo of all of us to his members. What you do is meaningful and impactful!

Diane Sancilio, Director of Volunteers, Hospice of the Chesapeake

I knew we would make an impact on the lives...

I can not adequately put into words how it felt to spend time with the residents at the nursing homes. I have always had an affinity for the senior population so when Mary Kay asked me if I wanted to help out, I was thrilled. I knew we would make an impact on the lives of these beautiful men and women, but I was in no way prepared for the outpouring of love that we received.

Watching the residents eyes sparkle as we walked over to them, watching them smile from ear to ear, hearing the joy in their cracking voices, feeling the happiness well from their hearts. There is no feeling than to be part of that kind of joy. Spending quality time like that was my Christmas blessing.

Diane Donnelly, Honorary Founding Board Member

Spent time at a nursing home playing bingo...

Dr. Dave and friends spent time at a nursing home playing bingo and sharing in the start of the holiday season. While Halloween is the start of the traditional holiday season which leads up to all the major holidays in the next few months - many of our older community members could use a friend. Interested in joining Dr. Dave and Ellis in visiting a nursing home around Thanksgiving, let us know.

Dave, Life Time Fitness

It made the residents day...

Our residents at Brightview South River were so grateful for the goody bags the volunteers from Adopt a Grandparent gave to them. Some of our residents don’t get as many visitors as others. It made the residents day when the volunteers from Adopt a Grandparent came to their apartments to give them a friendly hello. Some were even in tears. They appreciated the socks and lotions that were given to them. Not all of our residents are able to go on shopping trips to buy lotions and warm socks during these cold months. To this day, our residents ask when they are coming back. They are looking forward to Valentine’s Day and being able to see their friendly faces again.

Jenelle Padavan, Vibrant Director